10 Greatest James Bond Villain Lairs

Because what's an evil plan if you've not got an evil crib to match?

There are certain things that every James Bond film need to be a hit €“ outlandish gadgets used to escape tight situations, sexy women to entice the hero, shockingly silly one liners, and of course, beautiful cars. All things that viewers expect to see when going to watch the latest instalment at the cinema. However, one of the most important elements has been missing from the latest films €“ the lair. The lair has gone from being a series staple to something of a rarity. These bases are not just overly elaborate hideouts that would put your own den to shame, they are command centres used for everything from training vast armies of (often inadequate) henchman to storing deadly weapons that are used to carry out dastardly schemes. A lair is everything a self-respecting mastermind villain could want and more, often located away from prying eyes in remote locations or hidden among natural formations. Their striking designs, almost impossible size and marvellous technological innovations often make them the most memorable location in any movie. A Bond film can live or die off the back of its lair simply because they are ultimate focus of the plot, the culmination of the adventure and the place where 007 must get to in order to foil the evil plan and save the day. It is no wonder then that the best movies in the series have all had amazing lairs that are not only iconic but provide the perfect stage for the climax of the story. This article will look at the best from the franchise that have ever graced the big screen.

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