10 Greatest MCU Heroes With No Powers

9. Okoye

Black Widow Hawkeye Endgame
Marvel Studios

Ever since the vibranium meteor struck Africa, the nation of Wakanda has been miles ahead of the rest of the world in terms of just about everything. Medical and technological advances, all powered by the elusive metal, have quietly made Wakanda one of the most powerful countries in the world.

It’s not just their raw materials and Shuri’s mind that sets the country apart, though, it is also their military. The Dora Milaje act as the Wakandan Kingsguard, made up entirely of fierce female warriors and led into battle by the fearless Okoye.

Loyal to the King, the Wakandan general is unmatched in her battle prowess, in leadership, and when the world went to Hell during the Blip, she stepped up to become one of the few Avengers actually based on Earth. The only blotch on her record would be that she elected to ignore the earthquake under the Wakandan sea, something it now seems certain to have actually been Namor.

When Bruce Banner brought the dusted superheroes back to life, naturally the focus of the first portal opening was T’Challa returning and stepping through to battle. Right there with him however, was Okoye, ready to fight anyone or anything that came her way.

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