10 Greatest Meta Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

These scifi classics blur the lines between fiction and reality.

Warner Bros.

The wonderful thing about science fiction as a genre is that literally anything can happen and things are not always what they seem to be. What a character thinks is reality is often times not reality at all.

However, it can go a step beyond reality not really being real. These films can take us to worlds where fiction and reality become interchangeable and the lines between what is real and what is imaginary become blurred.

To put it simply, sci-fi movies can get really freaking meta. It doesn't always work out, though - infamous bombs like the 2015 film Pixels can attest to that. Sometimes meta elements are just too weird, too heavy handed or just plain too dumb to land with an audience. But when it works we get very special films, movies which can make the audience believe that maybe their world isn't as it seems.

This is a collection of those films that are most enhanced by their meta narratives and fourth wall breaking elements. These are movies that in one way or another stand out as true classics of science fiction. Here are some of the greatest meta science fiction movies of all time.


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