10 Greatest Movie Extra Performances Ever

8. The Disapproving Video Store Customer - Scream

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Generally speaking extras are supposed to do as little to draw attention to themselves as possible, especially when major characters are talking to each other in the foreground.

But just as Wes Craven's Scream broke so many other cinematic rules, it too gave an extra a brief moment to shine.

In one memorable scene, Randy (Jamie Kennedy) and Stu (Matthew Lillard) are discussing the killer terrorising Woodsboro, and when Stu asks Randy why suspect Billy (Skeet Ulrich) would dare try and kill his own girlfriend Sidney (Neve Campbell), Randy callously replies, "There's always some stupid bulls**t reason to kill your girlfriend."

Viewers who pay close attention might notice that a blonde-haired woman in a blue jacket is browsing movies in the aisle behind Randy, and though out-of-focus, it's clear that she's paying concerned attention to Randy's increasingly deranged diatribe.

After he talks about Stu being a suspect, the woman looks around the store, as if to say, "Is anyone else hearing this a**hole?," before shaking her head and walking out of shot.

It's unclear whether the extra went into business for herself or was directed by Craven to act this way, but it's a great piece of low-key acting regardless.

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