10 Greatest Movie Extra Performances Ever

9. Margarita Man - Jurassic World

The Avengers

Jurassic World is a serviceable but forgettable blockbuster for the most part, though anybody who noticed this extra while watching the movie likely still remembers them years later.

When all hell breaks loose and the dinosaurs start attacking the patrons of Jurassic World, the park's main square descends into chaos as customers attempt to run to safety from the pterodactyls.

Hilariously, we can briefly see one man running away from the carnage while vice-gripping a margarita in each hand, and even attempting to sip one of them as he disappears out of frame.

The guy clearly had his priorities in check, while also serving as a welcome dose of comic relief. The two-second clip quickly went viral shortly after the movie's release, and "Margarita Man" even became an unexpected cosplay character in 2015.

As it turns out, the extra was actually none other than Jimmy Buffet, the owner of the Margaritaville restaurant chain briefly visible in the movie.

Though it's technically a product placement, Buffet's cameo is so hilarious and inspired that it's tough to have any negative feelings about it whatsoever.

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