10 Greatest Unspoken Horror Movie Plot Points

Jason Voorhees is a damn dirty Deadite. Believe it.

Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell
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Everybody loves a good story, and great filmmakers are able to suffuse even their surface-level stories with plot points that unfold more-or-less silently in the background, just waiting to be uncovered by observant viewers.

There's nothing quite like revisiting a movie and noticing a storytelling nugget that's basically been hiding in plain sight the entire time, but enhances the overall narrative in a compelling way or meaningfully fleshes out the characters.

And this is certainly as true in the horror genre as it is for any other, for as much as horror's bread and butter might well be shocks and scares, it's also more capable of subtle, below-the-radar plotting than many really believe.

And so, with some help from the fine folk over at /r/Horror, we've uncovered some of the most brilliantly subdued plot points in some of your favourite horror movies, which even to this very day you may well not be aware of.

From stunning revelations that were hidden so smoothly in plain sight, to character revelations that change basically everything, you'll never view these horror flicks quite the same way again...

10. Rose Doesn't Want A Paper Trail Leading To Chris - Get Out

Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell

Like all of Jordan Peele's movies, Get Out is positively jam-packed with incredible details and subtle, non-verbal plot points that'll blow your mind in retrospect.

Case in point, near the start of the movie Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) hit a deer while driving to her parents, and a cop meets them at the scene of the accident.

The officer dubiously asks to see Chris' ID, at which point Rose intervenes, insisting that he doesn't need to show it as he wasn't driving, implying racism on the part of the cop.

It's a moment that immediately establishes Rose as an ally and acutely aware of the discrimination her Black boyfriend has been through, yet when we later learn that Rose is in on her family's scheme to steal the bodies of healthy Black people for their own use, it's clear that we've got her intent all wrong.

In reality, Rose interrupts the cop in order to stop him running Chris' ID and creating an electronic paper trail, as would immediately throw suspicion on Rose and her family once Chris was inevitably reported missing.

It's one of those "a-ha!" moments that just clicks on a second or third watch, as viewers revisit the film armed with the full context of the story.


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