10 Gruesome RoboCop Moments That Prove PG-13 Is Insane

10. Drug Raid

robocop_cocaine_factory The film is practically a revisionist western, it takes all the classic themes of an American western and repurposes them. Robocop is the classic western lawman come to clean up the town with his quick draw. Robocop€™s raid on the drug warehouse echoes many classic westerns like High Noon and The Dollars Trilogy. As bullets ricochet off Robocop€™s metal exterior he€™s shows no mercy as he guns down person after person. He€™s the cold unflinching lawman of the west with a quick draw kill. The scene actually carries the majority of the film's body count. There€™s blood-splattering kill after kill as Robocop shows the criminals of Detroit the same level of remorse they show each other. Robocop is a dark reflection of the world he was born into. In parts he displays the same lack of morals as the criminals of old Detroit. Except for his directives which demand he protect the innocent and only allow him to kill criminals. Robocop shows criminals a distinct lack of humanity or mercy and often guns them down without pause.

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