10 Harry Potter Actors We Wish Would Join The MCU

If The Boy Who Lived doesn't make the jump to the MCU, there are a few other wizards who should!

Jason Isaacs Mr Sinister
Warner Bros/Marvel

When multiple rumors of Daniel Radcliffe joining the MCU made the rounds, fans couldn't help but dream that he'd once again take on the role of a beloved character and grace the silver screen with his presence for years to come.

When his name was tied to Moon Knight, the rumors became even more intriguing.

How amazing would it be to see Radcliffe, the noble, sweet boy from Hogwarts, become a violent vigilante suffering from a multiple personality disorder? Alas, Radcliffe has shut down these rumors and claims that he is not interested in signing on for another long-term contract at this point.

But would any of his cast mates object to such an offer?

Looking beyond Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Michael Gambon (and, of course, Alan Rickman), there are dozens of fantastic actors and actresses in the Wizarding World that are fit for a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Death Eaters to esteemed professors, we really hope that these notable names make their way into the MCU soon.

10. Gary Oldman

Jason Isaacs Mr Sinister
Warner Bros.

An actor who has decades of exceptional performances under his belt, Gary Oldman will be remembered as one of the greats from our time. A character actor with an astounding range, his portrayal of Sirius Black is easily one of the best transitions from novel to film.

After his role as Jim Gordon in Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Oldman deserves another go in a superhero blockbuster. The biggest question is, which hat would he wear?

Another turn as a hero isn't out of the question. Captain George Stacy is one name you could pull out of the hat, as are Forge,

From the side of villainy, he could be cast as humans like Bolivar Trask, Senator Robert Kelly, and Henry Peter Gyrich just as easily as he could take on unique roles like Mephisto, the Beyonder, Mastermind or a prominent member of the Hellfire Club like Henry Leland.

Whatever he's offered, we can rest assured that he'd make the most of it. Gary Oldman is the caliber of actor the MCU needs and he's the one we deserve right now.


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