10 Harry Potter Actors We Wish Would Join The MCU

9. Domhnall Gleeson

Jason Isaacs Mr Sinister
Warner Bros.

Sorry, Ron, but big brother Bill is the Weasley that should join the MCU. While we'd hate to paint him a villain simply for his experience as Gen. Hux, Gleeson's time in Star Wars showed that he's got much to offer when given the spotlight.

If his time away from the Harry Potter franchise has shown us anything, it's that Domhnall Gleeson was shafted just as much as his red-headed character was in the series. With his time in the Star Wars universe presumably over, it's the right time to seek out the next studio willing to cast him in their world.

The MCU is expanding, adding in droves of new characters both established and less well-know, placing Gleeson in an interesting position. He's not exactly a household name, but he's gotten around the block enough to handle the responsibility of a significant role.

Gleeson would be a fine choice to be a leading member of an ensemble, such as one of The Nasty Boys or The Morlocks. If nothing else, Marvel could just send him to space once again. He'd play well opposite the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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