10 Harry Potter Actors We Wish Would Join The MCU

7. Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs Mr Sinister
Warner Bros/Marvel

By no means is Jason Isaacs a one-dimensional actor, but he sure plays a scummy villain like he was born for it. Not including his role in Harry Potter, we've had plenty of opportunities to grow to hate him as Col. Tavington in The Patriot, Captain Hook in Peter Pan, and Lord Felton in Dragonheart.

Of course, the man is far from a one-note performer. Black Hawk Down, Good, and Sweet November are among the many diverse roles in his catalogue. Isaacs' has the range to be more than the token menace.

But why stop a man from chewing up the scene as a vile villain? Should Sony be interested in sharing the character, Isaacs could be a dark horse for Norman Osborn, Jason Macendale, or Miles Warren. He and Tom Holland would be fantastic adversaries, but they'd also pair well in a different dynamic with Isaacs as Dr. Curt Connors or even flashbacks as Uncle Ben.

The MCU also has a full roster of X-Men villains to cast and Isaacs would be a great Bastion or Mister Sinister.


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