10 Harry Potter Book Characters We Wish Were In The Movies

It's a shame the filmmakers didn't love these characters as much as we do...

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Warner Bros.

The Harry Potter books have a lot going for them. J.K. Rowling managed to craft a superb seven-part fantasy series full of mystery, magic, plot twists, and a whole host of wonderful characters.

The wizarding world is full of vivid personalities and most were smoothly translated from page to screen. In fact, some of the casting choices were nothing short of perfection – Alan Rickman and Evanna Lynch are the obvious examples here.

But certain individuals didn’t make it into the adaptations, and whilst this is understandable, fans of the book were more than a little disappointed when their favourite witches and wizards didn’t crop up when they expected them to.

Many of the following characters have terrific personalities, and their dialogue lights up the page every time they make an appearance. Others, meanwhile, are more intriguing than entertaining – they add an extra layer of depth to Harry’s adventures in the form of a subplot or a backstory.

It’s a shame these characters never made it to the screen, but fans can still hope they turn up in the future when Harry Potter is inevitably adapted once more.

10. Ted And Andromeda Tonks

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Warner Bros.

Nymphadora Tonks is one of Rowling’s most likeable creations. She’s bubbly, talented, humble, and always willing to help. Her personality works well in the movies, but her character isn’t as developed as it could be due to her parents’ absence.

Ted and Andromeda turn up at the start of The Deathly Hallows. Their home is a safe house for Harry and Hagrid when they escape from the Death Eaters after leaving Privet Drive. Just like their daughter, they both come across as kind and virtuous individuals.

What’s more, Andromeda’s backstory is fascinating. Her two sisters, Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, are key Voldemort supports, yet Andromeda chose to defy her family’s wishes and marry a muggle-born wizard. She was then ostracised for this decision.

Had Andromeda and her husband been included in the movie, it would have been great to hear a first-hand recollection of her troubled past.

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