10 Harry Potter Film Characters We Wish We’d Seen More Of

If only things had been different...

Lupin And Tonks Harry Potter
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When writing such a well-loved book series that then goes on to a series of such well-loved films, you have every right to be proud of your work. And J.K Rowling should be very proud of her work.

The story of Harry Potter and entwined destiny with Voldemort lead to the creation of some rich, intriguing characters with plenty of heart and soul. So many people around the world fell in love with these characters and followed them through seven books and eight films.

But some characters are pushed to the side and their rich intriguing selves are not explored as much as they could be. That just means that fans of the book and show are left wanting more, this can lead to spin offs but not everyone can get a spin off.

So what characters do we want to see more of? Here’s the top 10…

10. Rolanda Hooch

Madam Hooch Harry Potter
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The infamous flying instructor and quidditch referee was a tough talking no nonsense character that when she first strolled on to screen in the films, captured everyone’s attention. Especially with her cat like eyes.

Unfortunately for us she never returned after her beginnings in the Philosopher’s Stone. It makes sense though, she teaches flying lessons to first years and Harry clearly picked that up pretty quickly. There’s also no room in this dramatic story for the Hogwarts Quidditch referee but Zoe Wanamaker’s performance leaves us wanting more.

Rolanda Hooch is clearly highly regarded as a flyer and teacher by Dumbledore and it would be interesting to see what she would have been like if she’d had more screen time. Although we do have to disagree partly with that, the way she dived out of the way of the incoming Neville didn’t scream teacher of the year.

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