10 Harry Potter Moments You Never Knew Were Improvised

8. Emotional Teaspoon

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (2007) is where the series puts its big boy boots on and wades into darker territory, with David Yates - the man who would direct all four of the remaining films, plus Fantastic Beasts - at the helm.

But that doesn't mean the film is without a sense of fun and enjoyment, as it often lingers in the little character details that give the Potter franchise its magic.

Having kissed love interest Cho Chang (Katie Leung) for the first time, following defence against the dark arts practice in the shapeshifting Room of Requirement, Harry spills the beans for Ron and Hermione back in Gryffindor Common Room.

After exhaustively explaining to Ron why Cho was crying while kissing Harry, Hermione concludes that Ron, comparatively, has the 'emotional range of a teaspoon', before she bursts into a fit of giggles and the boys follow suit.

The fan-favourite line was scripted, but the laughter wasn't. Watson was caught in the moment by the hilarity of what she was having to recite, and we are left with an authentic and downright infectious reaction.

It is easy to see why the editors kept it in, rather than sending the cut straight to the gag reel: the laughter creates a strong character moment that bonds the often disparate trio and cuts the tension built up between Harry's time alone with Cho and Hermione's dissection of it.

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