10 HATED Actors Everyone Was Wrong About

10. Zac Efron


Any actor who graciously walks away from Disney deserves a round of applause. For Zac Efron, he was on a lot of teenagers' bedroom walls for a long time. His floppy hair and boyish looks saw him locked in as the safe, Hollywood heartthrob for every girl and guy to swoon over. It's understandable that many insecure men felt threatened by him.

Since leaving Disney, Zac Efron had a weary career with films like 17 Again and The Lucky One. But it was his time in raunchy comedies and dramas like That Awkward Moment, Bad Neighbours and Dirty Grandpa which proved he wasn't singing and dancing anymore (except for Greatest Showman of course).

More mainstream audiences started to warm to him, and he proved his comedic worth in Baywatch and even (briefly) The Disaster Artist. Perhaps the most striking of all was his disturbing turn as real-life serial killer Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Vile and Evil.

The High School heartthrob has evolved into a formidable actor, and it's exciting to see what else he has to offer in his career. While he might always be a pretty boy to movie audiences, we now know he can do much more.

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