10 Haunting Deaths In Horror Movies (That We Never See)

9. Sam - The VVitch

Alien Lambert

There are a lot of scenes in Robert Eggers' directorial debut guaranteed to leave you unsettled. The cackling crone suckling on a cow's teat. A dying child vomiting up a rotten apple. A crow pecking at a woman's bloodied breast.

And yet, the most chilling moment in The VVitch occurs off-screen. After William's family are banished from their settlement, they move to the woods, which is inhabited by a coven. One day, Willian's daughter Thomasin takes her baby brother Sam to the edge of the woods to play peekaboo.

While Thomasin has her eyes shut for a second, the child is taken by a witch.

As surreal as The VVitch is, this moment sticks with you because of how relatable it is. For many, there's no scenario more nerve-racking than when a child goes missing while under your care.

But the more we learn about Sam's disappearance, the more heart-wrenching it becomes. Because Sam wasn't baptised, his family believe his soul will never set foot in the kingdom of heaven. And when you learn the witch stole Sam to serve as an ingredient for her tincture, it's enough to turn your stomach.

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