10 Hidden Details In Opening Horror Movie Scenes

Blink and you'll miss these important clues.

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If there's one thing filmmakers love more than anything else, it's hiding little secrets in their movies. Well, that and actually getting paid money for their work, but let's not talk about that now.

Cinema history is littered with minor details tucked away in the background of shots, and the horror genre is no different.

Whether they're nods to other movies, small hints at future plot points, or full-on foreshadowing, some of your favourite horror movies have enough tiny details hidden away to put Where's Wally? to shame.

That's Where's Waldo for our American readers. Not sure why it's different, but there you go.

Some horror films don't even wait that long to hit viewers with these subliminal messages. The following ten films all have secrets hidden right at the start of them, with some even appearing in the opening few frames.

Some will make you smile, some will creep you out, and some will make you smack your forehead and think "Why didn't I see that the first time around?"

Get your magnifying glasses ready and prepare to have your minds blown. You'll never watch these movies the same way again.

10. Nervous Guards - Shutter Island

Slither Funeral Home
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Martin Scorsese's psychological thriller/horror from 2010 is one of those movies that you have to watch multiple times to fully understand, which was definitely an artistic choice and not the director trying to sell more cinema tickets...

Kidding, of course; this movie is really good.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Teddy, a US Marshal investigating a missing psychiatric patient on a remote island. However, as the film progresses, we find out that Teddy himself is the patient and his life as law enforcer is a fantasy.

The film is full of hidden clues hinting at its eventual reveal. These teasers are evident right from the very start, when the guards on the island react strangely towards Teddy's arrival.

It's implied that they just don't like outsiders interfering in their business, but the truth is that they recognise Teddy and are alarmed that he's managed to escape.

It's a brilliant piece of foreshadowing in a movie overflowing with it. Right from the very start, Shutter Island will have you questioning everything about the story and about your own life too.

Ever thought you might actually be a mental patient pretending to live a normal life? Watch this film and you will do.


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