10 Hidden Details In Opening Horror Movie Scenes

9. The Dark Tower - The Mist

Stephen King has written so many works of seminal horror fiction that it would be hard not to reference one whilst adapting another.

Case in point, the 2007 film version of his book The Mist.

Set in a small town that has been overrun by monsters living in a mysterious thick fog, The Mist tells the story of a group of people trapped in a supermarket who must battle the creatures outside and their own egos in order to survive.

Before all this nastiness kicks off, we see the film's main protagonist David Drayton painting a nice little picture. He's an artist by trade, so this isn't surprising, but the content of the painting will come as a pleasant surprise to long-time King fans.

Drayton is painting a portrait of Roland Deschain, who is the main protagonist of King's Dark Tower series of novels. The Tower itself is in the painting too.

There's been a fan theory for years that the monsters in The Mist have actually come through a gap in reality from the world of The Dark Tower.

Could this be confirmation of that theory? Maybe, but it's probably just an Easter Egg.



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