10 Hidden Details That Make Horror Movies Even Scarier

Hidden horror movie scares you missed! Halloween, The Eye & more!

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Believe it or not, filmmakers actually put a lot of effort into making really good horror movies.

Yeah, the genre gets written off as being cheap and lazy, but there are so many people involved in the production of these pictures who respect their craft, and aim to deliver terrifying movies packed with detail.

That said, you can put all the care in the world in making sure props and set dressing is perfect, but a horror movie is made or broken by the quality of its scares. While some directors are willing to just turn up the volume every ten minutes and hope for the best, others know how to deliver terrifying sequences that only get scarier the more you revisit them.

Consequently, there are so many movie scenes that only unveil their true horror upon closer inspection. Whether it's hidden ghosts hiding in plain sight or hidden frames you'd never see unless you paused at the exact right moment, there are entire communities (including R/MovieDetails which pointed out a bunch of the following examples) dedicated to unearthing the secret details underpinning terrifying horror movie scenes.

10. Inside - The Killer Walks Straight Into The House

Oculus movie
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Inside is not subtle. This is a horror movie where characters get their faces blown apart and a pregnant woman is stabbed with a pair of scissors. The fake blood used alone is probably enough to fill a small lake in the countryside.

Still, there is one chillingly subdued moment early in the movie where the villain of the piece makes her way inside the house of the woman she'll torment for the rest of the run time.

At one point, protagonist Sarah phones the police after being accosted by a strange woman knocking on her door. Unable to really help at this point as nothing criminal has occurred, the police take a statement and leave. Unwittingly however, they also provide the perfect opportunity for this woman to slip into the house.

That's because as Sarah and an officer sit on the couch discussing options, in the top left of the frame you can see the woman in black nonchalantly go upstairs, seeking out a place to attack later.

It's the casualness of it that's so chilling, and the fact that the anarchy to come could have been avoided with one quick glance.

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