10 Hidden Details You Completely Missed In Outstanding Biopics

9. One Shot Was Filmed On An IPhone - Wolf Of Wall Street

Catch Me If You Can Abagnale

Although veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese's comments on superhero movies being nothing more than theme parks made it seem like the director was stuck in the past, his approach to creating some of his modern masterpieces have proven he's more than willing to move with the times.

You only have to look at his most recent project The Irishman (2019) which utilised cutting edge de-ageing technology to convincingly bring his characters to life at various points in time. Yet, Scorsese was showing off his willingness to try new things a couple of years earlier with his brilliant black comedy Jordan Belfort biopic The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

During a scene set on an aeroplane, Scorsese required a shot of the 'fasten seat belts' sign located above the passengers heads. Instead of spending money they didn't need to on setting up expensive cameras and lighting equipment for this brief shot, visual effects supervisor Rob Legato captured the moment on his iPhone on a flight home.

Scorsese was satisfied with his camera work and quickly said, "Great. Let's just use that."

It may not be on quite the same level as Stephen Soderbergh's Unsane (2018) or High Flying Bird (2019), but it still showed that Scorsese is quite happy to try out new methods if it helps him get the finished product he desires. It's also a brilliantly subtle detail which is completely missable if you're not aware of it going into the movie.


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