10 Hidden MCU Details You Never Noticed

That Extra Marvel Magic. Thought We Wouldn't Notice...But We Did.

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Making an MCU movie hasn't really been an easy task for a long time now. Unless you've digested nothing but media from Marvel Entertainment for the past decade, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with everything that is canon and what isn't. Even with all of the storylines extended from other films, it's not like these guys don't know what they're doing.

Throughout every phase of the MCU, there have been minor callbacks to things mentioned in the previous films that you would have never thought about if you just saw the movie once. If you care to take your eyes away from the action at any given moment, you can pick up on either a handful of Easter Eggs, other franchises in general, or even just a tiny bit of dialogue that speaks about something much larger than the words on the page. Even if some of these are just done to play a bit of a goof on the audience, there's more to it than just a funny joke.

It only takes a few of these to know that these are actors and directors who put a lot of love and care into these films and are willing to go the extra mile for their audience. So next time you have a movie marathon, see if you can spot any of these out in the wild.

10. Avengers: Endgame - The Post-Credit Scene?

Avengers: Endgame truly felt like an event for anyone who had followed the MCU since its inception. While it didn't necessarily mark the end of this long journey as a whole, there was a sense of finality that comes with saying goodbye to the original Avengers who fully laid the foundation for this shared realm back in 2012. That means no gimmicks, no end credits scene, just closure... right?

For most people who saw the movie when it came out, many were shocked to find that there wasn't any real end credits scene to speak of. Coming from what may be the final film of the MCU's glory period, it seemed oddly morbid to leave without a little tidbit for the audience to latch onto. However, instead there was an end credits moment that was something to be heard rather than seen.

As the orchestral score by Alan Silvestri begins to die down and we start to read the last of the contributors' names, there's a faint hammering sound that can be heard off in the distance. While some may have expected Thor to come out wielding Mjolnir, this is actually believed to be a callback to the first Iron Man movie, with Tony hammering away, doing everything he can to escape the clutches of the Ten Rings terrorist group.

After enough celestial journeys for any one man's lifetime, this kind of Easter egg is proof that all amazing ideas always have to start somewhere.


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