10 Hidden Meanings Of Famous Movie Scenes

Think you know everything about Inception? Dream on.

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Audiences are now so used to having mainstream movies spell everything out for them, they don’t feel the need to think for themselves. In modern blockbusters there’s not much subtext or hidden meanings to be found, but it wasn’t always this way.

Directors and screenwriters love to find a way to sneak some hidden meanings or subtext into their work, implanting them into key scenes for fans to discover on their own. Often these little nuggets won’t be found for years or even decades, but they help shine a new light on the story or the characters. It could something symbolic, or a background detail so well hidden it passes most viewers by; it might even be a story point revealed via a throwaway gag.

Even major fans won’t notice these details, but once they’re revealed they add a rich extra layer to the experience. So let’s take a look at ten movies that carefully hid messages in plain sight, and what those messages add to the story.

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