10 Highest Rated Horror Films Of 2015

10. Tales Of Halloween

Tomatometer Percentage: 79% Tales of Halloween was the latest in a line of horror anthologies that have been growing increasingly popular in recent years. Following hot of the heels of now sequelised franchises such as The ABCs of Death and V/H/S, Tales of Halloween offered up a slightly original take on the anthology series in that all the stories take place in the same f*cked-up little slice of American suburbia. As is par for the course with this kind of approach, a variety of established horror directors assembled to have a stab (I am in no way going to apologise for that pun) at different takes on small-town grisliness. Assembled are the likes of Neil Marshall (The Descent), Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III and IV) and Lucky McKee (All Cheerleaders Die). The titular tales run from the gamut from smarmy demon types (always good to see Barry Bostwick) playing cruel jokes on annoying kids, to fresh-tasting parodies of Friday the 13th and beyond. Ultimately most of the decidedly breezy yarns land more often than they miss, which makes the entire experience justifiably worthwhile. Tales of Halloween is one of the few entries this year that is admittedly better enjoyed whilst absolutely tanked, a trait it shares with...
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