10 Highly Questionable Actions Committed By Mark Zuckerberg (In The Social Network)

11 Could Work For 8 Or 10 I Just Like That Cap Idk Okay, no lying anyone, Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network does some things that we all sighed loudly at. He was a character that we all rooted for (because we all have a Facebook to go home and talk about the movie on), but at the same, we kind of realized there were times where, if he were our friend, we'd hit 'em upside the head and go "What are you thinking?!" From drinking on a school night, to blogging drunk, to more serious moments, here are ten moments in The Social Network that didn't show the genius IQ Zuckerberg has. To keep things light and away from what may-or-may-not have happened in real life (please don't sue me, Zuckerberg!!!!!!), you may find these a little light and silly things he did. But stupid, nonetheless. *Disclaimer: I am aware the drama with Erica was strictly for the movie and he was already dating who he would marry (aww!!) when Facebook was created, these are specifically in the sense of the movie*

10. Breaking Up With Erica

1 Breakup Okay, Mark. We need to have a talk. Have you SEEN Rooney Mara?! That girl is fine, and you just let her go! She obviously has a wild side (and apparently a dragon tattoo). This is classic "Don't talk about yourself" issues. Now, I get it, you wanted to get into a final club. We all get caught up, it's cool. But I've watched the conversation between the two of you, and while I'm on your side with the stair master comment (not Sorkin's best writing there), you gotta stop jumping around from subject to subject. Take it from your neighborhood WhatCulture writer: stick on one subject, let her get her word in, even if you don't agree = she'll be happy and you'll be happy. And who knows what that could leave you to. Wink. Wink.

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