10 Hilarious Reasons Actors Took Movie Roles

Sometimes you just really want a holiday to the Caribbean and millions of dollars.

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It's comforting to believe that every actor takes a role out of artistic integrity and a sheer love of the craft. That every time they look at a script, thoughts run through their heads about how they can make the most out of the part.

There is no question that many actors are like this, Daniel Day-Lewis for instance, who doesn't take on a role unless he knows for sure that he can do something interesting with it. Not every actor is like Day-Lewis, however, and many take roles, not for the sake of artistic merit, but for other, far more hilarious, reasons.

Whether it was for a new house, a holiday, or for their kids. Many of these actors were not thinking about the quality of the script when they took on these roles.

10. Al Pacino Starred In Jack & Jill To Try And Make It Better

Mark Wahlberg The Happening
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Remember Jack & Jill? The awful Adam Sandler that became the first film to ever sweep the Razzies? If your answer was yes to both of those questions, then we offer our condolences.

A more pertinent question, however, is what the hell was legendary actor Al Pacino doing in that train wreck? For those who have the luxury of having not seen this Sandler stinker, then it is worth explaining Pacino's role in the film, which calling horribly embarrassing in every way might be considered generous.

In the film, Pacino plays himself as he falls in love with Sandler's twin, Jill, played by Sandler in a heavy amount of make up. Got it? Don't worry, there won't be a quiz.

Pacino revealed in an interview years later that he took roles in bad films, like Jack & Jill, on purpose as he wanted to try and make them better - challenging himself to elevate the productions.

We gotta say Al, you have to try harder.


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