10 Hilarious Reasons Actors Took Movie Roles

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger Starred In Terminator 3 To Help His Chances Of Becoming Governor

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Development on Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was troubled. The rights to the franchise were disputed for years before any studio was even able to begin development on the project.

Once C2 Pictures did they had the difficult task of convincing the original cast and crew to return. Linda Hamilton and James Cameron both refused to return (we don't blame them). Leading man Arnold Schwarzenegger did decide to return after Cameron convinced him to do it for the money.

Schwarzenegger took his friends advice to heart and negotiated a massive $29 million paycheck, along with a cut of the film's merchandise returns. It's fair to say he was doing well for himself.

But the money wasn't Schwarzenegger's only reason for taking the role. During 2002, the Austrian actor was considering a bid for Governor of California and saw Terminator 3 as the perfect opportunity to promote himself as a potential candidate.

He forced the $200 million production to be shot entirely in California, despite it being far more expensive, so he could create jobs in the state. Additionally, he gained many financial backers on the film's set that helped him become Governor.

It worked as Schwarzenegger became Governor of California shortly after the release of the film.


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