10 Hilariously One Sided Hollywood Sibling Rivalries

You can't always have two talented children...

Wahlberg Hollywood is a tough, competitive business as it is, with every actor having to face the possibility of being passed over time and time again by younger, better looking actors who can better fill their niche. But what about when that person is your brother or sister? One of the great Hollywood institutions is the idea of the Hollywood family, or as some might refer to it, nepotism, and it inevitably leads to one or two family members rising to the top, while the remaining siblings struggle to keep up. Now, success can be determined a number of ways, but let's be honest, the most objective way to measure it is with box office receipts and name roles. Artistic achievement is one thing, but every actor wants that massive blockbuster paycheque, and while one sibling might be cashing them left and right, it's rare that two siblings will be lucky enough to both be raking in the mad money. This results in some ridiculously lopsided sibling rivalries, and often as a result you might not even know that these pairs of actors are related, with the chasm between their work often being the difference between an Oscar win and a straight to video movie.

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