10 Hilariously One Sided Hollywood Sibling Rivalries

10. Julia Roberts Vs Eric Roberts

Julia Eric Roberts Julia Roberts' legacy speaks for itself - she blew up with 1990's Pretty Woman, and has been a pretty consistent presence in romcoms and dramas ever since. The peak of her career was in 2001, when she won an Academy Award (on her third nomination) for Steven Soderbergh's excellent Erin Brockovich. She remains one of the most reliably bankable stars in Hollywood. Her older brother Eric, meanwhile, also had a strong start at a young age, earning a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor Debut in 1978's King of the Gypsies, and earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the taut 1985 thriller Runaway Train. Roberts has worked consistently ever since, albeit mostly in TV shows and lesser films, even working with dreaded German director Uwe Boll (Sanctimony). He did pop up in a fine role in The Dark Knight, though these days largely commits himself to straight to video trash, with 14 movies already listed for 2014, including The Human Centipede III. So yeah, Julia is an Oscar winner, while Eric is going ass to mouth. Go figure.

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