10 Hilariously One-Sided Movie Duels

Reliving those times when the outclassed received a beating so bad, it made their ancestors hurt.

The humble movie fist fight. Resolver of conflict, provider of bloodshed and settler of differences. It could easily be considered a great cinematic staple, seen and loved across all genres, including even rom-coms and feature-length Pixar animations. Whether it€™s two men engaging in fisticuffs in an attempt to win the heart of Bridget Jones (more fool them) or Woody laying the Smackdown (TM) on Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, it seems no matter the target audience, we all love a good on-screen scrap. In fact, Mighty Morphin€™ Power Rangers: The Movie was perhaps the most excited I€™ve ever been for a film in my life. But enough about 7-year-old me and his penchant for multi-coloured, form-fitting lyrca violence. The 26-year-old version is made of tougher stuff and with this article seeks to honour the one-sided, the unfair, the downright brutal and often hard to watch one-sided film fights. Full on epic wars, ala 300 and the Lord of the Rings are great and all, but there€™s something very real-life and dare I say relatable about watching a one-on-one. It€™s easier to put yourself there and imagine what you€™d do in the same situation. This article seeks to remind readers of that and the pumped up feeling you get from watching your much-loved protagonist batter his enemy. A few entries will also dredge up that horrible gut-wrenching feeling when you felt vulnerable and helpless along with the hero on the receiving end. This article honours fighters... not lovers.

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