10 Hilariously Recut Trailers That Completely Change The Movie

Have you ever wondered what The Shining would be like if Wes Anderson directed it?

Movie trailers are capable of misleading in more ways than simply tricking you into thinking a terrible movie is worth a watch. They can give the impression the film is of a completely different tone (making Drive look like a stunt-packed action movie), or even an entirely different genre, as with the trailer for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd (which made no reference to the fact it was a fully-fledged musical). While marketing departments makes these editing decisions to manipulate the customer, the advent of cheap and easy to use editing software has allowed movie fans to get in on the act themselves, chopping up popular trailers for their own amusement. The results can be highly amusing, transforming animated kids' films into horror movies or chilling thrillers into romantic comedies, all through the clever rearranging of shots, dialogue and music.

10. Frozen - Horror Movie

Few movie studios are so closely associated with wholesome family entertainment than Disney, and the huge success of Frozen had much to do with this broad appeal and the chirpy, catchy tunes sung throughout. Frozen the horror film is an altogether different proposition which emphasises the darker aspects of the Hans Christian Andersen tale on which it is based, then amplifies it a thousandfold. The tone is set with the implication of people disappearing in the mountains, chilling music swelling up as characters emerge from the shadows. The post-title shot seals the deal for this terrifying reimagining of Frozen - two ominous-looking feet step onto the ice and a huge ice saw plunges towards the screen. This version of the movie is unlikely to have countless kids singing along to "Let It Go" any time soon.

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