10 Hollywood Conspiracy Theories You Won't Believe People Take Seriously

7. James Dean Was Killed By The CIA

James-Dean-Car-Crash It is commonly believed in conspiracy circles that anyone who gets too big for the boots needs to be taken out with extreme prejudice for the €˜greater good€™. JFK is the greatest example in politics, but Hollywood stars are seemingly no exception to the rule of an illusive organization known as the 'Illumanti', a secret group who control all in life, setting up an accident for the death of a troublemaker. According to the lore, America wasn€™t quite ready for James Dean and his Rebel without a Cause ways, and that the CIA/Illuminati came down hard on the youth of the day by killing him off their potential idol/leader in car crash that was setup to both eradicate the him, avoid some sort of teenage rebellion and make the whole thing look like a tragic accident. They would be damned if rock and/or roll was going to take over their wholesome country. Yet with the man untimely killed at the tender, tragic age of 24, it is hardly fair to accuse the CIA of such practice €“ unfortunately, it seems to be one of those Hollywood conspiracies that just won€™t go away. True? It really comes down to your stance on Conspiracy Theories in general, if you are a believer that stuff like this goes on behind the scenes, that we are simply puppets to an unseen master, then why wouldn't you believe this one? But if you have a coherent and clear mind free from Randy Quaid style paranoia (read on), then it is most probable that this was nothing more than a tragic blip in Hollywood history.
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