10 Horde-less Zombie Movies

I Walked With A Zobmie

Zombies are generally effective when there is a group of them; usually the bigger the better. They attack their victim who cannot fend all of them off. Most zombie movies have hordes of them and the sheer volume of them make up for any lack in mobility that they may have. That is generally why in movies, there are usually more zombies than humans. A lot of this has to do with their ability to infect others quickly. While some of the zombies on this list are infectious, their numbers do not grow too greatly by the time the film credits roll.

Without the hordes, these films also do not focus on the end of the civilization which is another popular convention in zombie movies. These movies steer away from this because a single zombie is not nearly effective in either killing someone or taking over the world as a group of them. While zombies do kill people in these movies (quite gorily in some cases) there are also some movies where zombies do not kill anyone. By lacking the masses that make zombies so effective and scary, these films stand out against the rest in the genre. Here is a list of 10 films that have only a few zombies at most.

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