10 Horrendous Movie Sequel Ideas That Would Have Totally Sucked

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Movie sequels can be great, but let's face it, most of the time they're the scourge of filmmaking, taking a great - or not so great - idea and then running it into the ground until we have a misplaced disdain for the original film itself. They're more often than not a sign of opportunistic studio greed, of a studio knowing they've got something good on their hands, and perverting it in the process of trying to obtain a license to print money. Sometimes sequels aren't just bad, they're so bad that they never actually get made, as is the case with these 10 prospective sequels that wound up in someone's shredder because they eventually realised how mind-meltingly awful the ideas were, likely to embarrass just about everyone involved. Here are 10 movie sequel ideas we're glad were scrapped...

10. Rambo: The Savage Hunt

Rambo V Rambo V was green-lit in 2010, with it being assumed that production would move forward pretty quickly on the latest entry in the venerable franchise, titled The Savage Hunt. However, when some plot details surfaced, the fans promptly turned on Sly, as it was revealed that part five would feature Rambo tracking a mutated super-soldier through the wilderness. The idea just seemed too "out there" for Rambo, given its occasional grounding in something approaching a reality. Stallone was clearly taken aback by the vocal opposition online, and the result was that the film never came to be. Sly seemingly shelved any plans for a fifth Rambo film, which given the gory display at the end of the fourth film, is something of a disappointment.

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