10 Horror Actors Forced Into Roles They Never Wanted

Wesley Snipes REALLY wasn't happy about Blade Trinity...

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The horror genre has produced some of the finest films in the movie industry, such as The Silence of the Lambs, Halloween, Psycho, and more. With the medium being so prolific and most of these being huge money-makers, you'd think that any actor would take the chance to be a part of movies like these. But sometimes, not every performer is keen on doing horror films and is forced to do so for two main reasons.

The first and obvious reason is money. While these thespians might find the material poor or below them, even the most reluctant actor can be bought at the right price.

The second and last is due to contractual obligations. Some actors sign multi-picture deals for studios which means they'll have to appear in the film whether they like it or not.

Now both of these reasons can be a huge pain for these big stars and can potentially affect their performances. While some may get through making these movies, others clearly show their disdain. One thing for sure, though, is that the following ten actors did not want to be in their respective projects.

10. Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween: Resurrection

Alien 3 Ripley Sigourney Weaver
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1998's Halloween H20: 20 Years Later was the triumphant return of Laurie Strode. After being absent since its third installment, Jamie Lee Curtis came back to the series and had a proper send-off by decapitating Michael Myers at the end of the film.

Unfortunately for Curtis, the producers had no plans of stopping the series, as four years later, Halloween: Resurrection retconned the previous installment to explain The Shape's survival.

The actress hated this idea, feeling that her character had a satisfying ending to the previous film. But because she was under contract, she was forced to participate in this dud of a movie. She did, however, make one demand and that was to kill Laurie in the opening. Her request was granted by the filmmakers and our iconic final girl was thrown off a rooftop by Michael Myers.

And who could blame her for wanting out, as Resurrection is considered one of the low points of the franchise, with infamous scenes like Busta Rhymes fighting The Shape.

Of course, Laurie's death would eventually be undone when Jamie Lee Curtis came back in Halloween (2018) and kickstarted a new trilogy.


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