10 Horror Anthologies You Must See Before You Die

What’s better than a horror movie? Several mini horror movies rolled up in one, of course.

Warner Bros.

For horror hounds the world over there’s only one thing more satisfying than a good horror movie and that’s a good horror anthology. After all, what other format offers such a blood-spattered bundle of mini scary movies that you can watch in one go? It’s like all our Christmases – or rather, Halloweens – have come at once!

Beyond the five horror movies for the price of one appeal of the horror anthology, there’s something they offer that other horrors just don’t. They bring together a treasure trove of talent from ensemble casts to multiple directors and often feature a number of different horror sub-genres – they’re practically a veritable feast of all things horror.

It goes a little deeper than that too and that’s because horror anthologies mimic the kind of communal storytelling we did as kids, gathered around a campfire or snuggled in sleeping bags trying to out-spook each other with the scariest stories we could think of. Except with better dialogue and story development, naturally.

And though the popularity of horror anthologies may have waxed and waned over the years, if a smattering of recent releases like Ghost Stories and XX are anything to go by the genre is still going strong.

So, in honour of the horror anthology let’s take a tour of the very best – from older offerings and recent additions to movies from its 80s heyday and foreign-language takes on the genre. All hail the horror anthology.


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