10 Horror Characters That Appeared Outside Their Own Movies

You don't have to go all the way to Elm Street to catch a glimpse of Freddy Krueger.

The Goldbergs

The horror genre has given birth to some of the greatest and most memorable characters in cinema history.

Even if you're not particularly fond of watching people get beheaded, then you'll be able to recognise at least some of the more famous horror characters.

Some have signature masks, some have recognisable weapons, whilst some are just so damn creepy-looking that you'd be hard pressed to forget them even if you tried.

The elite tier of spooky creations are so popular that they've managed to seep into other areas of culture. As we're about to find out, these ten characters have all made appearances outside of their respective film series and outside of the horror movie genre as a whole.

We're not just limiting our entries to other films and TV shows. We've got characters cropping up in adverts, on stage, and even in the world of professional wrestling. It seems like nowhere is safe from their influence, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

You can't keep a good villain down, nor can you stop them from spreading their wings and leaving the comforts of home for pastures new.

10. Pennywise - Space Jam: A New Legacy

The Goldbergs
Warner Bros.

Space Jam: A New Legacy could be defined as a horror, in the sense that it bloodily mutilated several of Warner Bros' beloved franchises in one fell swoop.

This follow-up to the 1996 original put LeBron James in the shoes of Michael Jordan as the basketball star sucked into the world of cartoons. Although, in the 90s, the words "Cinematic Universe" hadn't been uttered yet and the world was a better place.

Because of course they did, Warner took this opportunity to cram as many of the other IPs that it owned into this movie as possible. By setting it in the "Serververse", the company could get in cameos by The Iron Giant, The Flintstones, Rick and Morty, and many, many more.

Horror icons also weren't immune to this gross corporate synergy. Pennywise from It even makes a very brief appearance in the film's trailer, standing just to the right of Don Cheadle's character.

In the actual movie, Beetlejuice and the Gremlins also show up to join the fun.

If it came down to watching this jumbled carwreck and jumping down into a storm drain, we'd take our chances with the clown every day of the week.


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