10 Horror Characters Who Wished They Were Dead

9. Theresa And Jack Gardener - Color Out Of Space (2019)

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In phantasmagoric Lovecraft adaptation Color Out Of Space, Nathan Gardener (Nicholas Cage) relocates his family to a remote farm where he hopes to live a quieter after his wife Thresa (Joely Richardson) falls ill. However, this being a horror film, Nathan’s dreams of becoming an alpaca farmer are short lived when a glowing meteorite crashes in front of their home and begins to alter reality around it.

Initially, the effects of this cosmic horror start off small. The youngest child, Jack (Julian Hilliard), notices strange plants and insects around the home. Meanwhile, a surveyor (Elliot Knight) discovers the water supply has been contaminated.

However, when Theresa and Jack are caught in the otherworldly purple light which appears to be the cause of the transformations, they undergo a horrific metamorphosis.

The light has fused the pair together as if the child were being put back into his mother's womb. As sickeningly grotesque as this concept is, it's the constant moans of anguish and agony emanating from the mother-son hybrid that underscores the true horror of their situation.

With no way for the family to reach aid, Theresa and Jack are left to succumb to their fate until they're finally put out of their misery.


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