10 Horror Films You Probably Haven't Seen But Should

Take a dive with us into some of the most obscure horror films...

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The horror field is full of classic films and much-loved franchises, from The Exorcist and The Omen, to The Conjuring and Midsommar. The genre has been evolving for decades and creating masterpieces of terror. However, beyond the more famous and well-known titles that make up this sinister corner of cinema lies a wealth of creepy films that may not have been given the attention they deserve.

For even the most diehard horror fans, it is possible for a few gems to get missed along the way. In fact, it isn't uncommon for low-budget or indie horrors to get ignored by the press (providing the project with little to no promotion), which it turn can leave a gaping hole in the film collection of many an ardent horror lover.

Here, your writer takes a look at just ten movies which you may have missed over the years. From The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (a one-man supernatural affair) to Freehold (a film that will leave you scared to be alone in your own home), it's time to explore those rare productions that should not be overlooked...

10. The Wrong House

Beyond The Gates Scream
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The Wrong House (also known as House Hunting in a later re-issue) is a 2012 horror starring Marc Singer, Art LaFleur and Hayley Dumond. It was written and directed by Eric Hurt and runs in at 100 minutes.

This horror gem almost went ignored by the film industry upon release, though over the years it has slowly but steadily been gathering an audience who have come to love the creepy pictre.

The Wrong House follows the story of two families who stumble upon a deserted farmhouse. As they enter the creepy structure, it soon becomes apparent that the families are trapped, and that whenever they try to leave, they find themselves right back where they started. The farmhouse serves as a kind of purgatory in which only one family can survive and escape the nightmarish hell. With echoes of Triangle (2009, starring Melissa George) and Dead End (2003, starring Lin Shaye) the film explores themes in which individuals become trapped in the same setting, over and over.

This horror feature is an entertaining, creepy and tense experience. While it is a ghost story, it also serves as an unsettling psychological thriller as the movie explores the history of the farmhouse and its previous inhabitants.

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