10 Horror Films You Probably Haven't Seen But Should

9. Beyond The Gates

Beyond The Gates Scream
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Beyond The Gates is a 2016 retro horror which serves as a vibrant and nostalgia-filled homage to the '80s. Starring Barbara Crampton, Chase Williamson and Graham Skipper, the 84-minute indie movie was both written and directed by Jackson Stewart.

The film follows on the tail of two brothers who have recently lost their father. Having taken on the responsibility of going through their dad's property, they end up clearing through his belongings and stock at the VHS rental store he had owned. During their time of going through the items in the store, the brothers find a VHS tape which is supposedly the last thing their dad watched before he died.

It's a horror film, so things never end well. The two siblings decide to take the VHS tape with them and begin to play the interactive horror game, which suddenly begins to feel a little too real. The production is a creepy, fun and unique affair, definitely one for fans of the retro '80s style, such as found in Stranger Things.

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