10 Horror Icons Who Killed Way More Victims Than They Should Have

Dolls - Childs Play Chucky Ever sat through a horror movie, in which someone or something is on a killing spree, and thought to yourself 'why the hell doesn't someone do something about this moron!?' I know I have. Sometimes, the killer is allowed to go about their business without any law enforcement being called and sometimes the killer overpowers people he/she/it has no right to overpower. As a result, said killer ends up doing far more damage and causing far bigger a number of deaths than they should rightfully be able to cause. Of course, there are other factors that have allowed killers to continue their reigns of terror that should have been addressed, but those are certainly the main issues. Essentially, if the majority of horror movie victims and supporting characters had even a modicum of competency about them, the killers could have been stopped in their tracks early and a lot less blood could have been shed. With that in mind, here are ten horror movie killers who caused way more deaths than they should have been able to cause...

10. Vincent Sinclair (House Of Wax)

vincentsinclair Along with his brother Bo (his Siamese twin from whom he was separated at birth, leaving him deformed and mentally deranged), Vincent is the owner of a wax museum in an abandoned town that has been supposedly unpopulated since the sugar mill in it shut down a decade prior to the movie's events. Although the town in question had supposedly been removed from maps, the fact that Vincent and Bo had been capturing passers-by in order to use them to make twisted waxwork models out of real people should have ultimately alerted the authorities. Bearing in mind that there was a very high number of those twisted waxworks on display, it's very hard to believe that all those missing people - who must have all gone missing on journeys to and from a very specific area - hadn't been investigated by the police and linked to the supposedly abandoned town. Had the police done their jobs correctly, Victor and his brother could have been thwarted years prior to the film's events and the number of deaths could've been so much lower.

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