10 Horror Movie "Facts" That Aren't Actually True

9. The Original Wolf Man Turned Into A Werewolf During A Full Moon

Jason Mask

The 1941 flick, The Wolf Man, revolves around a man called Lawrence Talbot who is gradually turning into a werewolf. The movie was a smash hit and spawned a slew of sequels, crossovers, and remakes. On top of that, it popularised werewolf mythos throughout the world.

But there are few misconceptions that even the biggest horror fans make about the movie. Even though it's usually known as "the first werewolf movie", this isn't true. The 1913 horror, The Werewolf, was the first film about lycanthropy. Sadly, the last copy of it was destroyed in 1924.

Because the whole premise centres around Talbot changing into a werewolf, you would naturally assume there would be a scene where we see Talbot transform. But we don't. Not only that, Talbot never becomes a werewolf under a full moon.

In fact, the movie doesn't even have a shot of the full moon! Instead, we are told that Talbot morphs into a beast when "the autumn moon is bright." This concept was changed in the sequels so Talbot changed "when the moon is full and bright".


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