10 Horror Movie Actors Who HATED Their Own Performances

9. Lindsay Lohan - I Know Who Killed Me

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When a film isn't made available in advance for critics, that's often a major red flag. And in the case of 2007's I Know Who Killed Me, the lack of an advanced screening was ultimately followed by a whole host of negative responses when the film was viewed.

In that Chris Sivertsen-helmed picture, Lindsay Lohan's Aubrey Fleming is abducted, tortured and mutilated by a mysterious serial killer. Later found on the side of the road, Lohan's character claims she's not Aubrey. Instead, she is an out-of-town stripper named Dakota Moss.

From there, I Know Who Killed Me has Dakota adamant that she is not Aubrey - despite having the identical wounds as Aubrey, including a prosthetic hand - and eventually starts to believe that she, as Dakota, is Aubrey's long-lost twin sister.

Bizarrely, the close of the movie reveals Dakota is indeed Aubrey's lost twin, and she'd uncover her barely-alive sibling from a shallow grave.

In a Twitter post (as per Daily Mail) that has since been deleted, Lohan shot down one fan who had praise for the film and her performance in it.

After being told by said fan how they'd watched I Know Who Killed Me twice in one night, Lindsay replied how that was "two times too many!"

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