10 Horror Movie Characters Punished For Their Faith

Faith and trust are often rewarded in the most brutal of ways.

Saint Maud
"Well, I guess it would be nice, if I could touch your body..."

No, not that sort of Faith.

While George Michael's 1987 toe-tapper is off the table, the centre of attention here today is very much all about faith. Specifically, it's about faith in the world of horror movies and the subsequent fallout that faith can bring for those who find themselves opting to back a particular horse or cause in such pictures.

Of course, faith comes in various different shapes and forms. For some, faith is represented by their religious beliefs. For others, faith is more about having trust in other people. And for some, faith can be more about having a strong belief in yourself and your own ability to succeed in whatever you choose to put your mind to.

In its simplest form, faith is about unquestionable belief and trust; it's just in who, what or where that unquestionable belief and trust is placed.

Taking those differing definitions of faith into account, then, here are ten horror movie characters whose faith, trust, confidence or outright cocksure arrogance ultimately resulted in their own downfall.

10. Abin Cooper - Red State

Saint Maud

Played by the phenomenal, dearly missed Michael Parks, Red State's Pastor Abin Cooper used his faith to rule with an iron fist.

Living his live by the good book to extreme measures, this cult leader - himself largely based on Fred Phelps and his hatred-fuelled Westboro Baptist Church - uses his twisted faith to commit atrocities.

Thankfully, Cooper's own arrogance and strict faith is what is ultimately his undoing. Believing that the Rapture is being ushered in during a final act shootout between this cult and the law, Abin stops what he's doing and prepares to ascend to the skies. Things didn't quite work out how this demented fella had imagined, though, and Red State saw him eventually get his comeuppance.

By the end of Kevin Smith's 2011 movie - Smith's first foray into horror - Pastor Cooper is locked up in prison, having been headbutted by John Goodman's Special Agent Keenan after this faux Rapture.

As for that Rapture? It was nothing of the sort, instead being a prank played be trumpet-playing college kids pissed off with Cooper and his nuts antics.

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