10 Horror Movie Characters That Didn't Deserve The Hate

It's about time the world left Wendy Torrance alone.

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We've all watched movies where we positively loathed a certain character and just hoped against hope that they'd die by the end. And in the case of the horror genre, that's obviously a very distinct possibility.

But we as viewers do sometimes tend to get carried away with our hatred and lose sight of the fact that characters are still human beings, after all, who would genuinely prefer not to die.

Yet in the annals of horror history, there are a number of widely despised characters who, these days, are best remembered for precisely that - being hated with the fire of a thousand suns.

But if we dig deep into each character and consider who they really are, it seems a bit harsh to express so much indignant hatred towards them.

If you break it down, each of these 10 characters has noted reasons for the way they act, and while some of them might well be a little annoying, their behaviour isn't without explanation.

And so, these 10 horror movie characters are all absolutely "overhated" and deserve a re-evaluation from audiences - to be considered a little more kindly in future...

10. Franklin Hardesty - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Shining Wendy
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Any list of overhated horror movie characters must surely include The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's Franklin Hardesty (Paul A. Partain) - the doomed, paraplegic brother of protagonist Sally (Marilyn Burns).

In popular discourse Franklin is simply an annoying a**hole that many were happy to see sliced up by Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) later in the movie.

And while Franklin is indeed a cantankerous and bitter individual, he nevertheless deserves our sympathy not only for the physical hand he's been dealt - especially in such a horrific scenario - but also how socially clueless the guy is.

Franklin is evidently lacking in even the most basic social tools most of us are born with, which when combined with his disability, the boiling heat, and the group's eventual run-in with a family of cannibalistic killers, makes it tough to resent him too much.

Sure, Franklin's never going to win any Mr. Personality awards, but given that the poor guy just wanted to check that his grandfather's grave hadn't been vandalised and ended up getting cut by a deranged hitchhiker, can you really blame him for being so irascible?

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