10 Horror Movie Characters Who Got Advice From THE WORST PLACE POSSIBLE

To clarify, never EVER come to WhatCulture for advice on disposing of a dead body!

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One of the staples of the horror genre is that a wise figure or presence is sought out to offer sage advice that can help a protagonist overcome the odds and chilling threats that lie in front of them.

So often, these wisdom-spouting sorts can make the difference as to whether a character lives or dies, and whether the sinister villain of the piece is ultimately stopped once and for all.

But there have been those occasions where these quests for advice have backfired or proved completely and utterly misplaced.

It is somewhat of a rarity when looking at the greater scope of the horror genre and the movies that encompass that corner of cinema, yet there are still certain instances where an advice-seeking mission of good intentions works out horrendously for a character - whether that advice proves absolutely useless, is outdated, or even causes harm and eventually death to the person who was looking for assistance, mentorship and guidance.

Here, then, are ten such examples where horror movie characters looked for advice in all of the wrong places and it well and truly came back to bite them on the backside!

10. Caroline Delving Deep Into Voodoo - The Skeleton Key

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In The Skeleton Key, Kate Hudson's Caroline Ellis is hired as a caretaker for an isolated Louisiana plantation house. With one of the main responsibilities being to look after the paralysed Benjamin, Caroline soon becomes suspicious that all is not quite as it seems - which in turn leads her into a world of voodoo.

The ending of this impressive 2005 thriller saw Hudson's character trapped in the body of the elder Violet Deveraux as part of some elaborate twist - all thanks to Caroline's own voodoo curiosities.

Throughout the film, the Violet that we'd seen was actually inhabited by the conscience of olde-time hoodoo practitioner Mama Cecile. Similarly, Cecile's partner-in-crime Papa Justify had been in the body of Caroline's supposed confidant Luke. Thus, the next part of Mama Cecile and Papa Justify's plan saw them place Cecile's spirit into the body of Caroline, much like Luke's real spirit had been switched into the decaying body of Benjamin.

In terms of the major catch here, it's that somebody can only be susceptible to such a spell if they actually believe in voodoo. And that's where Caroline shot herself in the foot, as seeking out advice on voodoo made her a believer and opened her up to this possession.

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