10 Horror Movie Characters Who Survived Horrific Injuries

Evil Dead's Mia certainly earned her survival.

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Few horror movie survivors makes it to the end of the film entirely unscathed, because we as genre fans simply love seeing underdog heroes get put through the wringer in order to basically "earn" their victory.

Yet sometimes filmmakers perhaps take things too far and have their surviving characters endure a basically comical amount of punishment, enough that we start to question precisely how they were able to survive their horrific injuries.

From characters who seemed like dead meat yet inexplicably returned for the sequel with minimal harm, to those who endured extremely traumatic injuries yet made it to the end, these characters all would've certainly died were these movies rooted in any pronounced sense of reality.

But horror movies are generally a fantasy above all else, and as fans we should certainly be able to suspend our disbelief.

After all, adrenaline is a hell of a drug, and can allow even regular people to keep pushing ahead no matter if they've lost a limb or two, been horribly impaled, or just straight-up crippled.

Most viewers were probably glad that these characters survived, even if in purely medical terms they largely shouldn't have...

10. Dr. Loomis Survives A Ridiculous Explosion - Halloween II (1981)

Revenge Jennifer

At the end of Halloween II, Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) sacrifices himself to "kill" Michael Myers (Dick Warlock), flicking his lighter on and igniting a gas-filled hospital room, seemingly obliterating the pair of them.

Though we see a flaming Michael fall down "dead," we never actually see Loomis' corpse, and lo and behold, he shows up alive and well in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

The sequel, set a decade later, makes little reference to Loomis' improbable survival, beyond giving him some facial scars.

It's hilariously difficult to believe that Loomis could've survived, let alone not suffered extreme burns over his entire body, given the size of the explosion in Halloween II.

According to Halloween 4 writer Alan B. McElroy, he originally wrote an opening scene which showed Loomis being thrown from the fiery hospital room by the explosion, thereby explaining - albeit somewhat conveniently - how he came back largely unscathed.

Ultimately, though, director Dwight H. Little decided not to film it.

As implausible as Loomis' survival might be, fans love the character enough that they were simply happy to see him back, no matter how much it strained credibility.


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