10 Horror Movie Characters Who Totally NOPED OUT

These characters smartly dipped when the bodies piled up.

Paranormal Activity

There's nothing more annoying than watching a horror movie where you're constantly screaming at the characters to just do the smart thing and get the hell out of there.

Obviously that's not always possible, and often filmmakers will contrive acceptable reasons for characters to be trapped in an environment with a crazed killer.

All the same, it's tremendously satisfying when a horror movie character actually appreciates the danger and gravity of the situation they're in, and promptly dips out.

For obvious reasons this typically isn't the protagonist - because otherwise there'd be no movie - but a more minor supporting character who has the wherewithal to realise that nothing good will come from sticking around.

These 10 horror characters all saw the bloody writing on the wall and thought better of it, scarpering into the night and surviving the movie's events as a result.

Sure, they get few points for bravery, but when you're facing off against masked murderers and supernatural entities, bravery is kinda overrated. You know what isn't, though? Using your noggin and getting far away from the threat as fast as possible.

So here's to you, horror cinema's smart cookies who got going when the going got tough...

10. Damon - Army Of The Dead

Paranormal Activity

Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead is a film jam-packed with stupid characters who make head-smackingly dumb decisions, though there's one minor character who stands out from the pack for his impressive sense of self-preservation.

You might not even remember him, but there's a member of the mercenary squad who decides to sling his hook before the post-apocalyptic Las Vegas heist even takes place.

We're talking about Damon (Colin Jones), friend of Mikey (Raúl Castillo), who decides to walk away from the mission after learning that it involves facing off against the undead masses.

He tells the assembled team, "F**k this, I'm out. This is crazy, you're all gonna die," before leaving the scene. And considering the overwhelming majority of the squad indeed dies at the hands of the zombie horde before film's end, he was absolutely right to freak out.

Protagonist Scott (Dave Bautista) calls Damon an "amateur" as he walks away, but considering that Damon presumably makes it out alive, he certainly got the last laugh here.


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