10 Horror Movie Characters Who Totally NOPED OUT

9. Gavin - The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Paranormal Activity
Millennium Entertainment

The Taking of Deborah Logan is an uncommonly memorable found footage film with a number of terrifically unsettling scenes, centered around a trio of students who are filming a documentary about the titular woman (Jill Larson) as she suffers with Alzheimer's disease.

It isn't long before things get weird, though, with a number of increasingly unexplainable events occurring within Deborah's midst.

This especially concerns the most cautious of the students, Gavin (Brett Gentile), who after encountering a slew of unambiguously paranormal phenomena and having his life threatened several times, decides that he's had enough of it all.

At the end of the second act, a thoroughly pissed off and scared Gavin walks out to his van and drives off, despite fellow students Mia (Michelle Ang) and Luis (Jeremy DeCarlos) not only trying to convince him to stay, but straight-up criticising him for not being a "team player." The nerve.

This only makes Gavin angrier, as he points out all the terrifying, impossible things they've just experienced, curses them both, and drives off into the night, never to return. Smart man.


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