10 Horror Movie Characters You Didn't Realise Actually Survived

1. Robert Morse - Alien 3

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Everyone remembers the Alien 3 ends with Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) sacrificing herself, leaping into the furnace to prevent the Xenomorph Queen inside her from being born.

It's a terrific, epic moment in a wildly divisive film, enough that stunned fans might completely gloss over the fate of the movie's other prominent remaining character.

The sole surviving prisoner on penal colony Fury 161 is Robert Morse (Danny Webb), who despite being wounded by Weyland-Yutani goons in the climax, is still alive and kicking in the final minute of the movie when taken into custody.

While there are reasonable assumptions to be made that Morse was killed by Weyland-Yutani after being interrogated, the wider canon confirms that he was ultimately sent to a C-class prison and lived for another three decades before dying a natural death.

Hell, Morse even wrote a book about his experiences, Space Beast, which was unfortunately banned due to its "sensitive" nature.

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