10 Horror Movie Crossovers That Would Be Awesome

myers vs vorhees Film crossovers have always intrigued me and, in spite of some pretty horrible existing examples in the world of horror, I do think it would be nice to see more in the future (assuming they're done properly, that is). Here are 10 potential ideas for crossovers in the horror genre (albeit some being a little far-fetched due to legal reasons) and possible plots for the movies in question:

10. The Hills Chainsaw Massacre (The Hills Have Eyes/Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

The murderous Hewitt family have been exposed by the law and forced away from their farm in Texas. Heading West on the run, they stumble upon an abandoned nuclear testing village in the neighbouring state of New Mexico. After settling there, they quickly realise that they are not alone. Soon after, an all out battle ensues as nuclear mutants attempt to rid their homes of the intruding cannibalistic Hewitt family who do not take this lightly. A grisly outcome is inevitable, as Leatherface and company try to fend off their new neighbours, but which vile tribe will triumph?

9. American Mary: Jigsaw's Apprentice (American Mary/Saw)

SawAmericanMary So, prior to Jigsaw's death, he had gotten his claws in to Mary Mason, brainwashed her, and set his mind on having her cause suffering to people who do not appreciate the physical appearance that God has given to them and have subsequently over-indulged in expensive plastic surgery. The surgically enhanced victims are kidnapped as usual, but this time they wake up on a surgical table, with Mary standing over them, having performed some horrific body modification on them while they were unconscious. It is then up to them to decide if they want to keep on living (and then earn the right to do so, by completing one of Jigsaw's challenges). Sounds like a great direction for the gore-fest that is the Saw franchise to head in, if you ask me.
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