10 Horror Movie Crossovers That Would Be Awesome

8. Jason Voorhees Vs Michael Myers (Friday 13th/Halloween)

This one's a bit of an obvious choice, pitting two iconic, unstoppable slasher villains against each other. I know Jason has already been up against Freddy Krueger but, to me, that was always a mismatch. As tough as Jason is, he had no right to go up against the reality-warping dream demon (who should have been able to simply wish Jason away with a single thought, without the inevitable plot-induced-stupidity that horror movies so regularly throw in to the mix). No, fighting a fellow blade-wielding, hard-to-kill psychopath would be much more of a fair fight. I envisage Jason turning up in Haddonfield on Halloween night and preying on teenagers, only to find Michael doing the exact same thing. A 'this town ain't big enough for the both of us' scenario would promptly ensue (after a bloodbath of epic proportions as the duo attempt to outdo each other on the kill front).
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